One Little Bird-Going Digital

Hi friends!  Welcome back to my blog!

I have been working hard in my project life album and so far this year and I have gone completely hybrid.  This means that I have been using digital journal cards to complete my journaling then printing out the cards at home and inserting them into the page protectors with my photos and embellishments.  In past years I have done a combination of physical and digital.  Sometimes I would do my journaling in my own handwriting, other times I would insert the journal cards into a typewriter and lastly I would work with digital products on my computer.  While this worked for me then, I have also noticed that by going digital I have been able to :

  • Fit so many more words and journaling in to my spreads.  With the ability to adjust the font size and type I can document so many more of my family’s memories!
  • With how quick and streamlined digital scrapbooking can be I have cut down on my process time allowing me to create more spreads!
  • Customize the cards and embellishments to fit my spreads and my personal style.
  • Increase my options for digital cards & embellishments.  Digital scrapbooking is so popular and widespread now that almost any physical collection can be purchased digitally.
  • Save money.  Not only is digital scrapbooking more widespread now but it is often much cheaper than physical collections.

With all the benefits of going digital/hybrid I don’t think I will ever go back to physical project life!  Here is a look at my spread for Week 9 2017 using the newest collection from OLB Origin!

Looking over the whole spread you can see that I was able to fit so many words and memories buy going digital.

Luckily, the cards and photos matched perfectly this week so I didn’t have to do any changes to the colors or style of the cards.

This card is my favorite on the entire spread and the card that really brings the whole spread together.  Due to the amount of photos I wanted to include on this week’s spread I needed a card that could contain all my journaling.  I was able to document the memories of all the 4×6 cards on this one card by numbering the photos with cork circles and documenting those numbers in the journaling card boxes.

I love how the whole spread came together.  The cards from the OLB Origin collection matched this week perfectly and the ease of using digital products helped the spread come together quickly.  

If you haven’t taken the plunge and and tried digital products yet…go for it!  I think that you will end up falling in love with it just like me!  

Have a beautiful day!



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