One Little Bird-Week 6

Hello again friends! Candace back with you this month to share some quick tips on combining multiple collections on one layout.

One of the many things that is so wonderful about working with digital products is the freedom and ability to manipulate the products to fit your project. On a pocket page  spread for any given week you are often working with many different themes and subjects.  Combining different collections that cover multiple themes helps tell a complete story BUT might feel difficult as you are trying to balance and match color through the spread. Here are a few quick tips to help you combine themes and collections for a seamless spread.

Tip 1: Start by choosing all your cards. Look at all the photos for the week and decide what stories you would like to tell. Choose cards that will help you tell a complete story of your week. Don’t worry if the colors don’t match, just concentrate on which cards will help push your story forward.

Tip 2: Choose one collection to build your color palette from.  By choosing just one collection to build your spread around you can make sure there is balance and all your colors match across the spread.  This becomes very easy when you are working with digital products!  All you need to do is use the eyedrop tool in photoshop to pick up the colors from the main collection and re-color the products that don’t match.

Tip 3: Use embellishments to finish balancing the weight and colors of the spread. If  you are working with a few non digital products you can balance the spread by adding embellishments from your stash.  Just find products in a similar color palette to the main collection you are using.

Just like that you have built a layout for the week seamlessly combining different collections but still finding balance and telling a complete story.  This is what scrapbooking and memory keeping is all about!  Thanks for stopping by today!  Links to all the collections I used are below.

Have a beautiful day & go out and make some memories!

Products Used: Irvine Park Journaling Cards, Chapters Journaling Cards, Hangry Journaling Cards, Halcyon Journaling Cards .

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