One Little Bird-Week 13 Drawing Inspiration from Journal Cards

Hello friends!  Candace back with you today! I am excited after taking a few months off to make other fun projects to be back sharing a pocket page spread.  My heart really is in documenting the weekly events and memories of our family.

For my spread this week I drew inspiration from a single card in the recent release, Between Us.  This one card drove the overall design and color scheme of my spread. Here is a quick look at the whole spread, can you guess which card it is?!

If you guessed the adorable poka-dot card, you are right!

I just adore this card with the all the dots in colors from the collection lined up on little strings!

I started by opening up all the cards in Photoshop and adding my journaling. I had pictures in all the 4×6 slots so I knew I needed to cut down the dot card to 3×4 to fit into a middle pocket. I made sure to balance my colors across the spread and made sure that the photos and cards all had similar colors from the collection.

Next, for embellishing I searched through my stash for all my circles, and wood veneers.  To mimic the idea of circles on a line across the spread I lined up the circle embellishments along the top and bottom of all the 4×6 cards.  To add a little more detail I stapled the circles down to the photos.

After finishing with the circles I needed just a little more embellishing to complete the spread but I didn’t want to introduce any new colors so I added wood veneers.  I choose 4 spots across the spread to add the wood to keep the spread balanced and keep the eye moving across the spread looking for the other wood accents.

There it is! I LOVE all the colors in this weeks spread!  I love the repeated elements across the spread that keeps the eye moving.

On your next spread try using a card or embellishment to drive the colors and design of your spread & have fun! Thanks for stopping by for a little pocket page inspiration today!


Products Used: Between Us Journaling Cards

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