Sahlin Studio-Week 2 Project Life

Hello again!  Candace here with you to share my week #2 of Project Life.  Project Life or pocket page scrapbooking is my favorite way to document my family’s weekly moments and memories.  I have completed 5 years of documenting my family’s memories this way and I am excited for a brand new year.

For week #2 I combined digital word art on the photos with journal cards to create consistency and repetition across the spread.  By using similar elements across a spread you can create a pattern that keeps the eye moving.


I used the new Days Photo Rounds on the photos in the spread.  To do this is simply opened my photos in Photoshop then added the rounds on top of the photos in various places to create a pattern.  Again to continue the pattern across the spread I added cork stars on each round.


To balance color I made sure that I had yellow and black cards and embellishments on the left and right side of the spread.  For these cards I used the Rough Times Journal cardsRough Times papers and Rough Times digital elements.


I also created a balance of black & white and color photos by staggering them with the journal cards.



I love the final spread with it’s balance of color and embellishments and the repetition of elements to keep the eye moving across the spread.

For in-depth details and a step by step look at how this layout came together you can check out my process video below.  Try adding repeated elements across your next spread and see how you can create a pattern.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a beautiful day!

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