Sahlin Studio-Adding Dimension to Hybrid Layouts

Today I wanted to share a tip on adding dimension to your hybrid spreads.  Over the past few years hybrid scrapbooking has really taken off.  I love the combination of digital and physical elements.  One of the reasons that I like to mix the mediums is because I love to have texture and dimension on my creations.  I like to have elements that can be felt and seen from different angles.  This ultimately will make your spreads more interactive and interesting.

Here is a look at the digital spread I created with the photo block template in the store.  I added a few papers and elements from the Chesterfield collection, and the Vellum “P” for our last name Perkins to match the theme and feel of my photos.


I sent this 12×12 spread to a local printer and had them print off 2 copies.


Next, I cut all the photos on one 12×12 spread.


I arranged the photos across the spread and picked out the photos that would look best with added dimension.


Using the photos I measured out and cut adhesive backed foam.  Using a whole piece of foam will add stability across the entire photo as opposed to using just foam squares that can often lead to sagging of the photo.


I adhered down the dimensional photos right on top of the other photos on the flat 12×12 spread.


You can decide how much dimension you would like.  If you would like a little more dimension you can just double the foam.


I placed the final spread in a 12×12 frame for our wall!  I love the final spread and the added dimension and interest of the photos.  Give it a try on your next hybrid layout.  Have a beautiful day!


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