Photography Tips For Your Projects

Hello friends! Candace here with you today to share some tips on photographing your projects. Recently on the Clique Facebook page there was a discussion about project photography so I wanted to put together some quick, easy and inexpensive tips to improving your project photography.

Here is a look at a home decor project I made with an old Maggie Holmes frame and the beautiful goodies from the Hot Mess February kit. I will give you a quick walkthrough of how I photographed the final project.


Tip #1: White background. I bought a package of 16×20 canvas at Walmart to create a white background for my projects.

Tip #2: Natural light. If possible go outside to get the most clear and natural light.

Tip #3: No direct sunlight. Photographing in direct sunlight will washout your photo too much and create a glare.

Tip #4: Get directly on top of your project. This will make for easier cropping and straitening of your photo.

Tip #5: Use a good photo editing program. I use a combination of two programs. Photoshop and Rad Lab. Photoshop has so many different functions BUT I think that it does have a rather large learning curve, (or maybe it is just me!). Photoshop can also be expensive, though they have a new monthly option which I think is fabulous! Rad Lab runs through Photoshop and has various filters and recipes to correct common problems with photos. Think of it kind of like a really advanced Instagram. If you don’t want to go with either of these programs you could follow all the previous tips and use Instagram’s filters or Pic Tap Go for the IPhone.

Tip #6: Take lots of photos. You never know if one will come out blurry or cropped on the actual photo so take a lot of photos! I also like to take different angles to show the dimension and different points of view on a project.

There you go! Six quick, easy steps to improve the photography of your beautiful projects! If you have any questions please let me know, I am happy to help! Have a beautiful day!



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