Clique Kits November Tapestry Layout #3

Hi friends!  I am over on The Clique Kits blog today sharing some ideas with on editing cut files.

Whenever I am stuck for ideas on a layout I go to my cut files.  By using cut files it can easily give you a design base for your layout.  I love that Clique Kits includes amazing cut files and digital printables with their kits every month.  For November’s kit I had already done some layouts with the included cut files so I went online to look for some free ones.

I found one that I liked but it had too many triangles and included words on it that didn’t fit the theme of my layout.  No worries!  All I did was open the cut file in my Silhouette design studio and erased the parts of the cut file that I didn’t want.  This can be done two ways.  You can either use the eraser tool and carefully erase what you don’t need or you can delete entire elements.  To delete entire elements you will need to ungroup the cut file  so all elements of the cut file are separated.  You then can easily select the parts of the cut file you don’t want and you can delete them.

With the base of my layout created with the cut file the layout came together fast.  Here is a look at the final layout.


And a few close ups…




I have also included a process video for you!

Thanks for stopping by!  If you have any questions just let me know.  Have a beautiful day and a lovely Thanksgiving!



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