One Little Word Wednesday-Brave


I am sure by now most of you have heard of One Little Word.  One Little Word is a concept put together by Ali Edwards and the main idea is that in January you choose one word to invite into your life over the next year.  A word that you want to remind you, encourage you and prompt you to make changes in your life.  In December I started thinking of the challenges in my life, the changes that I want to make and who I want to become, what I want my legacy to be.  As I thought about all those things one word kept coming back to me…brave.

I want to be brave enough to really look at my life.

Brave enough to change.

Brave enough to try, try harder, try again.

Brave enough to say yes.

Brave enough to say no.

Over the next year, along with prompts from Ali Edwards I will share with you my journey with Brave.  You will see how I am making this word more visible in my life, the changes, the set backs and the triumphs.  2015 will be a great year, a BRAVE year!

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