Friday Spotlight-Dear Lizzy Polka dot Party

I am so inspired by wood.  There is so much beauty in wood, whether it is weathered and worn or fresh and new.  Every piece of wood is different, unique, and has its own story.

I took this picture during my Ali Edwards week in the life project.  I thought that the wrinkles in my little guys feet would be a perfect picture to go with a wood background.

I had the idea to take a background and distress the wood to make it look like it was peeling.  I instantly thought of this paper by Dear Lizzy.  I layered complementing papers from her collection to be peeking out behind the wood.  I then layered more paper, vellum, overlays and embellishments behind the picture.  When considering the embellishment clusters I knew I wanted to use the beautiful cut files by Wilna Furstenburg.  (She is amazing!!)  I considered adding white ink splatter but decided that I wanted the wood to really be the focus of the layout.

Enjoy!  If you have any questions please let me know.  Next week on the blog I will be sharing pages from my week in the life project!  Have a beautiful day!


DSC_0952DSC_0954 DSC_0956


Candace Perkins

Have you found your perfect moment today?

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