Project life-Week 13 & 14



For these weeks I was inspired by the colors mint, kraft, yellow and black.  I started by laying out my pictures.  For me this works the best because I always want to make sure that the pictures take center stage.  I don’t want to find a bunch of paper that I like and then find that I can’t fit all my pictures in to the spread!  I don’t like to say that I do a one page layout a week or a two page layout a week, I honestly go by how many pictures I took, or how many stories I have to tell.  Some weeks I have a one page layout other weeks I have four pages of  layouts!


After I crop and lay out all my photos I start with the journal cards that have focal point words.  Cards that might act as a title if I was doing a traditional layout.  I then add in the supporting paper that will mat photos and that I will do my journaling on.






Next I move on to stitching and embellishing.  Lastly  I do all my journaling.  When I think that I am all done I stand back and make sure that there are no bare spots and that my page is balanced.  As everyone knows, some weeks are better than others.  Some layouts you LOVE, some layouts you hope that none looks too closely at.  But in the end it is about the moments that were captured and the stories that were told.


Candace Perkins

Have you found a perfect moment today?

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